1. 类比句式
    A is to B what C is to D.
    e.g. Air is to us what water is to fish.

  2. Race
    Each of the major divisions of living creatures.
    e.g. the human race / the race of birds
    没有 bird race 这种用法

  3. Accumulate, Collect, Gather, Garner
    Accumulate: 强调使用一段时间累积
    Collect: 强调收集内容是 Physically Separated
    Gather: 强调收集内容是 within a short distance
    Garner: 本意是 存储谷物

  4. Store 商店,存储,批(= supply)
    e.g. The store stores a large store of rubber ducks.

  5. Oriental
    首字母大写时,常表示 西方世界的东方幻想,尤其指对于 中国日本
    e.g. a beautiful oriental rug
    [occidental] 西方的

  6. 获胜、占上风
    had best of something
    e.g. The layer had the best of the argument.
    Very much 完全
    e.g. very much control of situation 情况完全在掌控之中

  7. However 无论如何
    e.g. But, however this may be, …
    e.g. However I carefully explain, …

  8. 更好的是
    What is far better
    e.g. It’s useful book, and, what is more, not an expensive one.

  9. 身临其境
    transport | make someone feel they are in difference place.
    e.g. The book transports you to another world.

  10. Qualified statement
    用于缓冲语气:as we say
    e.g. The conversation was being conducted under the breath, as we say, but every word fell perfect distinctness upon my ears.

  11. in full cry (shout loudly)

  12. wist / wit
    will know | 太明白、太清楚
    e.g. I wist that …

  13. endow 赋予
    e.g. be endowed with 被赋予了

  14. 魔法
    enchanted 施了魔法
    enchanting 令人着魔

  15. 极致的美
    e.g. the beautiful and the sublime
    sublime 是超越 beautiful 的

  16. shapes 幽灵 [now rare]

  17. Generation
    the younger generation [最年轻一代]
    X-generation [00后]

  18. prospect
    A view of a wide area of land, especially from a high place
    e.g. a delightful prospect of the lake

  19. 关于书
    精装、平装书 hardback | paperback
    前言 preface | foreword
    目录、索引 contents | index
    附录 appendix
    献词、鸣谢 dedication | acknowledgements
    参考文献 bibliography

  20. 快速阅读
    skim | scan

+ skim 更多的表示为 了解大意 略读
+ scan 更多的表示 寻找特定信息

  1. 翻阅
    leaf/flick/flip/thumb through

+ 其中 leaf through 更加正式
+ [look through] 特指只是在翻书,并不阅读
+ [dip into] 特指阅读某个片段,usually for pleasure
+ [browse through] 特指翻阅书籍,阅读感兴趣的片段

  1. 认真阅读
    read through/over 强调仔细检查错误
    pore over 强调阅读时间长

  2. 辛苦地读完
    plough through (British) / plow through (American)
    wade through

  3. 广泛阅读、仔细阅读
    read up on 有目的的找出什么