1. Settling Down
    Move to a new place & Become a settler
    for good = forever
    e.g. It looks like Jamie has left for good this time.

  2. 北欧五国
    丹麦 | 挪威 | 瑞典 | 芬兰 | 冰岛

  3. As a matter of fact
    Used to

    • Stress the truth of a statement.
      e.g. ~, I do.
    • give more details
      e.g. I won’t be here for long, ~, I just got off the plant yesterday.
    • to disagree what just been said
      e.g. No, ~, he’s in a good mood.
  4. Ancestors
    Ancestors = Forefather
    descendants = offspring 子孙后代
    the present generation 这一代

  5. be … of … 属于… 具有…
    e.g. I am not of your opinion.
    e.g. These vegatables are of my own growing.

  6. Car carsh
    Collision 正面相撞
    Pile-up 连环相撞
    e.g. The pile-up happend in thick fog and cause a seven-mile tailback …

  7. was educated in … 在…读书
    bring up 养育
    raise [AmE] rear [BrE]
    nurture 教育,养育,教养(儿童)
    e.g. Children nurtured by parents
    e.g. Plants nurtured in the green house
    read English 读英语专业

  8. Last February
    Last = Most recent, nearest to the present time

  9. Appallingly rough crossing
    Appallingly = Awfully, terribly, dreadfully, frightfully
    Rough seas 波涛汹涌
    Crossing 横渡海洋

    • a level crossing 公路上的铁路
    • zebra crossing [BrE] 斑马线
    • pelican crossing 自控人行横道
  10. be sick on 恶心,呕吐

  11. met sb. at the airport 特指接机

  12. To make matters worse 屋漏偏逢连夜雨

  13. surly individual

    • surly: bad temper and unfriendly
    • individual: a person of a particular kind
      e.g. a surly teenager
  14. temper, mood
    temper 前常有修饰语
    mood 指代范围广,指临时性的情绪
    e.g. in mood for love 花样年华

  15. houses
    terraced house [BrE] row house [AmE] 连排房屋
    detached house 独栋房屋
    semi-detached house 半独栋房屋
    apartment [AmE] flat [BrE] 公寓
    condominium / condo 商住两用公寓

  16. comfortable 轻奢,优渥

  17. kind
    Kind 内心善良
    Kindly 表面客气

  18. well-meaning 本意是好的,却坏事

  19. housekeeper (paid to look after house)
    butler (a domestic worker 内务总管)
    caretaker (paid to look after buildings)
    housewife (lady of the house)

  20. superior to 比…更高级
    prefer A to B 更喜欢A
    由于词源来自拉丁语,后接 to

  21. headaches 棘手的事情
    headache 头痛(物理)
    e.g. I have a headache

  22. Rain / Fall / Come down
    e.g. 70mm of rain fell in a few minutes
    e.g. THe rain come down in a solid curtain

  23. manners 礼仪
    manner 方式

  24. improve on / upon … 相比…有进步

  25. odd numbers 奇数
    even numbers 偶数