1. fly flew flown

  2. 不敢
    be afraid to do 胆子小不敢
    be afraid of doing 担心后果(具有自主意识)
    e.g. The road to the airport is busy, we’re afraid of missing the time.
    e.g. Dont’t be afraid to ask for help.

  3. expanse 广阔的海、土地
    e.g. Flat expanses of open farmland.

  4. 鼓起勇气
    muster up courage/ confidence/ dignity …
    = summon …
    e.g. She left with all the dignity she could muster.

  5. plunge
    Take the plunge to decide to do something important or difficult.

  6. 尖声
    high-pitched e.g. Bats make high-pitched squeaks.
    shrill/ piercing loud, not pleasant
    squeaky noise but not loud. e.g. a squeaky gate

  7. upbraid 谴责(formal)
    tell somebody off 责骂(家长对孩子)
    reprimand 上级呵斥下级(严肃)
    reproach 温和地劝阻
    e.g. His wife set about upbraiding him for neglecting the children.

  8. But for the life of him he could not move.
    = No matter what 无论如何
    e.g. I can’t for the life of me remember his name.
    for dear life/ one’s life 拼命地

  9. maiden name

  10. about
    in many places; here and there;
    *e.g. The rumor went about that you were ill.**

  11. Skim 贴着,接近
    e.g. It skim in the waves.
    e.g. The report has barely skimmed the surface of the subject. 毫无关系

  12. Cackle 笑(幸灾乐祸)

+ chuckle 自顾自地笑起来 to laugh quietly
+ taunt 嘲笑 try to make sb angry
+ tease laugh at sb. or make jokes
+ make fun of 善意的tease
+ sneer 瞧不起,高高在上

  1. preening yourself 过度注意外表、臭美

  2. hunmp 小丘、道路上危险的隆起物

  3. thrust forward (故意)挺起
    e.g. head held high 头部高高仰起